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I believe becoming you is your purpose.

You are searching for something to save you from the exhaustion and overwhelming pressure of life’s responsibilities. Everyone comes first while you always seem to come last. Here’s the thing though… you made it here.
I can’t change your life but with my help as your mindset mentor, YOU can.

You being here tells me something crucial... you know the potential of the mind.

As a mindset mentor, I am trained to to show you how to unleash it.
That resentment & frustration you are feeling – is an incredible gift. 

I know, it might sound cliché and wrong.. but hear me out. In order to know and find what we love – it helps to know what we don’t! 

What once made us feel good and fulfilled will forever be an evolving picture – and it is my core belief that as an individual, it’s our responsibility to keep up with how our needs change and adapt our thoughts & actions when that time comes.

So well done, incredible woman. For taking the time and initiative  to listen to yourself, recognizing that your needs have changed and that the rest of you is ready to follow suit.

During times of challenge and unease, there always follows an  expansion period.

Embracing discomfort always leads us to a more meaningful and satisfying life. When we hit our thirties, 95% of men and woman will never sprint in their lives. We give up on hard things. Staying mentally fit means doing things that stretch us. When we exert ourselves physically and mentally it has a huge positive impact on our physiology. It builds confidence and our bodies thrive off it. 

Mentoring with me is designed to improve your mental fitness. Just as a fit body enables you to live a fuller life physically, mentoring enables you to enjoy that life and navigate its inevitable emotional and psychological challenges.

You may think your mental health is ‘fine’, but here’s the thing. We don’t train when we are injured, training helps prevent injury. 

Journey with Josie was born because I believe the strength and endurance of your mind is no different. I am not a doctor and mentorship is not reactive.

I aim to teach you really simple tools to lift the standards in your life, ultimately allowing you to see, be and receive more.

if this is resonating with you

You are ready for a mindset shift.

What you see and feel is dictated by mindset...

training it takes skill

Most of us have numerous areas of life where we could raise our standards. Three of the most common are creating healthy relationships, finding a fulfilling career path and improving our health. 

How will mentoring improve those? Change & transformation is truly an inside job – everything in your current reality is a reflection of your inner world. I will ask deep questions and your answers will naturally inspire you to raise your standards. The better the questions, the better answers! I will then provide a few powerful tools you can use to hold yourself accountable to those new standards. If you want real change, you have to be willing to do your part too. Just like a personal trainer … I can guide, support & walk beside you – but YOU need to put in the work.

If you want to change your external world – you MUST change the inner. Ready to journey with me and unlock your power?

transform your mindset

Get direction, navigate challenges, recentre and
stay the course

feeling aimless

blame others


don't know how to change

know your purpose

clear on your why

expect greatness

positive outlook


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"The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning". Oprah Winfrey

Unlock the why and the how will be easy...

my why inspires my standards. my standards birth my habits.

A massive thing I noticed when I started to raise my standards & habits (habits are the offspring of our standards)…was that my kids followed suit.

When I struggle, complain, get frustrated, or resentful… and I all but can’t source the motivation to make change…I spot my children. I get a glimmer into how my habits and behaviors shape their lives. It is confronting and exciting.

There is no greater motivation for me. They are undoubtedly my why, yet drawing on that was not a simple process.

Knowing it is easy. Accessing it is key. With mentors, training, tools and daily practice I have discovered how to unlock that motivation.  I couldn’t do it alone.

I can motivate myself though, right? Wrong.

mindset gives access to motivation. a healthy mindset is not inherent.

Based on your exposure, experiences and perceptions, you have set your own standards. And chances are you’ve set them lower than you deserve. If you could raise them on your own, without any tools or guidance, guess what…you would have already done it.

If you can’t lift an object, you build muscle by exercising; to prevent illness we eat healthy and take prescribed vitamins. Just as it has become normal to prioritise our bodies, it has become tragically normal to neglect our minds.   I would go as far to say it has became shameful to seek tools and exercises that enable you to set high standards and hold yourself accountable to them.

But I’m here to say it’s not. And regardless of how ‘fine’ you think you are, you deserve the incredible life a strong and resilient mindset creates.

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scripting tools

Tell yourself something once and it's a silly story. Tell yourself something everyday and it becomes a believable legend.

path to follow

I have walked in your footsteps. Different challenges maybe, but the same mindset battle. You are on a path that has been tested.

Transform your mindset... change your life today.

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