NZ based mindset coach

NZ Mindset Mentor Josie

"Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world."

- Amit Ray

Where My Journey Began.

At 34yrs old, married to a passionate dairy farmer, I’m a pretty typical Kiwi gal. Everyday life can get hectic juggling 2 farms, looking after 2 beautiful children as well as 2 gorgeous dogs, an inquisitive cat, ducks, chickens and of course, 300 burping cows. 
It wasn’t long before I found myself at the bottom of my own long list of priorities. Looking to blame my exhaustion and frustrating on something else meant I was missing the main point – myself.
“I knew deep down there was a better way of enjoying the life I had created and so the search for knowledge began.”
Thankfully, my passion for personal development has ALWAYS been a part of my life. I live for balance & growth, enjoying nothing more than watching movies curled up in bed with my loves, while also loving a spontaneous skydive, raging festival or 40-day camp throughout Europe. 
Once I discovered a way to access balance, joy and contentment everyday,  I knew I had to share the secret.
Doing this work, helping people succeed through mindset coaching literally gets me up early. And that is saying a lot, I’m telling ya. It’s not a job for me, it really is my passion. I feel honoured to be able to share my wonderful skills & knowledge to help people navigate their own journeys. Supporting the mental wellness of New Zealand and the world is something I am so incredibly proud of. 
If you have made it this far, Thank you so much.

my philosophy

Happiness is an imperfect circle of self development.

Experience has taught me that happiness is a cycle, not a destination. Fulfilling ones purpose brings happiness – right? So if my purpose is to become the highest version of myself, then my happiness is a never ending, beautiful circle of self-discovery. 

Why? Because I know I can always get better, respond better, communicate better, empathise better, set better boundaries… the list goes on.

To feel in control and fearless about this concept, I visualise the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as an imperfect circle. Every challenge I face brings a new opportunity to grow. And every time I grow through a challenge, I am rewarded with happiness. Instilling this vision in the hearts of others is now a part of my own journey!


Everything begins with a thought.
It might feel harmless but it
REALLY is a ripple effect from
here. Change your thoughts and
watch your life change.


Thoughts dictate emotions.
Get those thoughts under
control and you'll be setting
yourself up for a FEEL
GOOD kinda day.


How we feel impacts how we show
up and where we show up in life.
Ever over-reacted to something
because you were having a "bad
day"? Let's get those emotions in
check so you can start living life
the way you intended. 


Here's the best part.
No more regrets. No more
"man I wish I had done...".
You'll be proud knowing you
put in the effort. You were
consistent. And the results will
be good but even better than
that - you'll feel good about
the results.

Progress equals happiness.


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