Ever feel like you aren't reaching your full potential in life?

Almost like there is an invisible force field, holding you back from accomplishing your biggest dreams; stopping you from living the life you’ve always desired?

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How does mentoring with Josie work?

NZ Mindset Mentor Josie

What should I expect from a mindset mentor?

In a safe space 1:1, I will encourage you to explore a new way of thinking and being. It’s about breaking away from behaviour and thought patterns that don’t serve you any more. Building a self-belief system. Creating motivation, self discipline & improving your self awareness. You will walk away with new perspectives, beliefs and ideas that will create a tidal wave of positive change within your life.

Our sessions will be structured in a way so we stay on track to ensure the creation & development of your personal, professional or business goals. The conversation will still be natural, flexible and effective.

I will always assign you an achievable amount of home-play to keep you engaged between sessions and hold you accountable for doing them. Understand that they are not in your life to make you do ‘work’. This could include a small written module, a podcast or a book! Honour the relationship and time you are investing enough to jump on assignments and get the most out of them.

You will receive Whatsapp support during the week complimentary when committing to 8 or 12 mentoring sessions with Josie

What Clients Say

Still unsure if mentoring is for you?

There are many myths and common misconceptions surrounding coaching and mentoring that can create unnecessary resistance.

We’ve cleared a few things up below…

Common misconceptions quashed.


Therapy and coaching are both great tools to help people understand themselves better and reach their goals. However, they take different approaches that serve different purposes. Therapy is a more structured, in-depth process of exploring an individual’s past & present experiences in order to gain a better understanding of current behaviours & emotions and reduce mental illness.  Coaching is a more goal-oriented process focusing on the present moment to help people identify & make tangible changes to reach their desired future outcomes and hence improving their mental outlook. Both approaches have their own benefits & can be used together to help individuals make positive changes in their lives.

In other words, therapists focus on “why” certain behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal.

Neither a mentor nor a therapist is a substitute for mental health medication prescribed by a doctor. 


Why would you wait until then? Why wouldn’t you maximize when things are aligning or perhaps just not quite perfect?

No matter how good things are, there’s always room for improvement right? For a slightly better version of yourself. I love the way my sister describes coaching – as a way of wellness. We only go to the doctors when we are sick, but we buy magnesium and multis, vit c etc because we are trying to promote wellness within ourselves. Mentoring is a bit like taking some vit c for your brain & mindset. The health of your body & mindset are equally important.

Or perhaps it’s like fitness. We exercise and get strong in order to get the most out of life physically and prevent injury. When we do get injured we often go to the doctor or get physiotherapy. I see coaching or mentorship as regular, preventative training.


When people think mentor they often associate it with career development. While that is a fantastic reason to employ a mentor – and people do so with exceptional results – it is not the only area of your life you should or could seek improvement in.

Mindset mentoring is about improving your perception, attitude and responses to ALL areas of your life. Practical tools that allow you to control your emotions and channel your energy into productivity are undeniably relevant to every aspect of your life.


There is immense value from having an independent person (not family & friends) help you dissect your challenges and opportunities from an external perspective without bias. An objective analysis of what’s going one for you without the emotional attachment is worth its weight in gold.

People have a tendency to be more honest when they are not attempting to uphold an image at the same time – which is naturally what we do when talking to people close to us.

And honesty is CRUCIAL for self-reflection and development.


Age does not matter. Connection, training, questions, experience & wisdom are key.


The purpose of mentorship is to help a person evolve. An important part of evolution is to encourage self responsibility and reduce dependency.

That doesn’t mean to say you won’t need to practice the tools you have learnt everyday for the rest of your life though! Just like physical health, you will loose your mental fitness if you are not training it regularly.


A mentor can’t solve all your problems, especially ones that you don’t share. Its important you are clear about communicating your goals and needs. Once they are clear your mentor can empower you to discover solutions that work for you and encourage action.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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